Spectre UAV has multiple professional mapping UAVs, manufactured by Sensefly. These UAVs are Transport Canada compliant, and are used by professionals worldwide.

Combined with superior flight software, the Sensefly platform allows us to operate safely, and accurately, for all missions.

Areas up to 1,500 acres can be flown in a normal day, while achieving geo-reference accuracies ranging from sub-cm/pixel to 5 cm/pixel, dependent on mapping requirements.


In conjunction with the Sensefly platform, Spectre UAV has procured several specialized cameras, each capable of collecting spectrum data that is utilized in the processing and analysis software.

  • Parrot Sequoia captures the Green (550 nm), Red (660 nm), Red Edge (735 nm), and NIR (790 nm) bands.
  • S110 NIR captures the NIR (850 nm) bands.
  • WX RGB captures the visible bands.
  • ThermoMAP captures the thermal signatures in the 7 to 15 um band

Using the data collected from these various cameras allows Spectre UAV to provide true NDVI analysis, which is simply not possible without specialized cameras. This makes Spectre UAV stand out from the competition, as we strongly believe that any data collected must be as detailed as possible, in order to provide accurate, to meet our clientele's needs.

Processing and Analysis

Once the UAV has completed the data gathering, there will be hundreds, or thousands of images generated. In order to process this imagery into a useful form, Spectre UAV has designed and built dedicated servers, in order to ensure that the data remains onsite, in a confidential, and secure fashion.

There are online services that have similiar offerings, but after careful analysis, it was found that these services do not adquately process, analyze, or protect the data.

These servers are licensed with software packages (Pix4D) that are solely intended for professional drone-based data collection and analysis. These software packages were selected based on the interoperability with most software packages that end clients will utilize.