Topography & Photogrammetry

Benefits to You

Spectre UAV provides the technology platforms and expertise to assist those clients that are interested in topographic and photogrammetry services. These services offer increased accuracy, efficiency, and substantial cost-savings over conventional methods.

When Precision Aerial Data Matters

Precision is often overlooked when evaluating UAV service providers. With Spectre UAV, precision data matters a great deal, as we take great pride in ensuring that the data collected is as precise as possible through the use of survey-grade equipment. This allows Spectre UAV to deliver accurate and actionable results that you can trust.

Areas which directly benefit from the use of UAVs can include, but are not limited to:

  • Photogrammetry/Topography for high-precision orthomaps, contour, drainage, elevation, GIS, ground movement, erosion monitoring, and documenting "as-built" results.
  • Volumetrics for rapid and accurate volume estimates of materials that can often be a challenge to obtain.
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Technology details

Spectre UAV uses Transport Canada compliant UAVs, which carry specialized cameras that are easily deployed in the field. These UAVs fly below the clouds, and can cover large areas rapidly, and quietly.

The cameras are built for the specific purpose of capturing information in the RGB (Red/Green/Blue), and thermal bands. Using this information, various visual reports can be generated as well as video flythroughs.

Current Projects

Spectre UAV had the unique opportunity to do a survey on a golf course that is under construction. With a few flights, the UAV captured 1200 images, along with millions of data points, which was then used for the following:

  • conversion into a orthomosaic map
  • 3D model for visualization purposes
  • Volumetrics for several volume calculations
  • Topographic map, along with contour lines

The client was then able to:

  • provide construction progressing updates to their investors
  • determine if they had sufficient volumes of material, allowing the construction manager to plan ahead
  • confirmation of the desired golf course design through visualization of the topography as intended by the designer

Image Results

Each of the bands that are captured are used to:

  • RGB (Red/Green/Blue) for visual inspection, elevation modeling, tillage, drainage, topography, volumetrics, GIS, and imagery.
  • Thermal wildlife survey/location.

3D Rendering

Using online tools, Spectre UAV can take the imagery collected, and process it into a useable 3D format. This allows the end-user to see, from various angles, and lighting positions, what the target area looks like, while utilizing their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.