Forestry & Wildlife

Benefits to You

Spectre UAV provides the technology platforms and expertise to assist those clients that have a forestry, wildlife, and conservation focus. The UAVs can collect data from areas that are difficult to reach, hazardous, or where human intrusion is to be kept to a minimum.

When Precision Aerial Data Matters

Precision is often overlooked when evaluating UAV service providers. With Spectre UAV, precision data matters a great deal, as we take great pride in ensuring that the data collected is as precise as possible through the use of survey-grade equipment. This allows Spectre UAV to deliver accurate and actionable results that you can trust.

Areas which directly benefit from the use of UAVs can include, but are not limited to:

  • Wildlife Surveys for unobtrusive surveying, counting, and identifying wildlife.
  • Imagery which is used for high-resolution orthomaps, drainage, and topography.
  • Forest Fire surveillance, monitoring, modelling, and detection of hot-spots.
  • Timber inventory, health analysis, and forest canopy profiling.
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Image applications

Spectre UAV uses Transport Canada compliant UAVs housing specialized cameras that are easily deployed in the field and can cover large areas rapidly, and quietly. The cameras are capable of capturing information in the RGB (Red/Green/Blue), multispectral (Green/Red/NIR/RE), and thermal bands, all contained in the visible spectrum wavelength.

Each of the bands that are captured are used to:

  • RGB (Red/Green/Blue) for visual inspection, elevation modeling, height calculation, habitat surveillance, drainage, topography, volumetrics, GIS, imagery, and scouting.
  • NIR (near-infrared) is useful in providing NDVI/SAVI, soil property & moisture analysis, tree health/stress analysis, water management, and erosion analysis.
  • RE (red-edge) assists in tree health analysis, and water management.
  • Thermal is used for wildlife survey/location, drainage, and forest fire surveillance.