Precision Agriculture & Ranching

Benefits to You

Spectre UAV provides the technology platforms and expertise to establish the information link between the field and the decision makers. The data gathered, combined with ground-truthing, will prove to be essential to those producers, farmers, and ranchers that are interested in making their operations more efficient and productive. Instead of more costly alternatives, such as airplanes, or helicopters, our UAVs can do the same job more accurately, quickly, at less cost.

When Precision Aerial Data Matters

Precision is often overlooked when evaluating UAV service providers. With Spectre UAV, precision data matters a great deal, as we take great pride in ensuring that the data collected is as precise as possible through the use of survey-grade equipment. This allows Spectre UAV to deliver accurate and actionable results that you can trust.

Areas which directly benefit from using precision aerial data collected by our UAVs, but are not limited to:

  • Imagery, which can assist with tillage, drainage, and topography issues that are not readily visible from the ground.
  • Crop analysis, which can provide data on crop growth, plant stress, and fertilizer requirements. This is very useful to producers who have invested in variable rate machinery. This can result in cost savings for fertilizers and other applications.
  • Insurance, in the unfortunate event of a claim for hail, frost and/or flood damage, the area can be quickly captured, with greater accuracy than traditional methods.
  • Topography of the land, useful for troublesome drainage and pooling areas.
  • Livestock tracking and health analysis.
  • Equipment inspection, without having to place workers in dangerous situations, along with considerable time savings.
  • Fence Inspection detailed imagery of fence(s), and other assets found in the farm/ranch environment.
  • Volumetrics, for rapid and accurate estimates of materials that can often be a challenge to obtain.
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Technology details

Spectre UAV uses Transport Canada compliant UAVs, which carry specialized cameras that are easily deployed in the field. These UAVs fly below the clouds, and can cover large areas rapidly, and quietly.

The cameras are built for the specific purpose of capturing information in the RGB (Red/Green/Blue), multispectral (Green/Red/NIR/RE), and thermal bands. Using this information, various visual reports can be generated as well as video flythroughs.

Of particular note, true NDVI analysis is provided by Spectre UAV, as false NDVI is simply not adequate for the decisions that are required. False NDVI is presented by inexpensive solutions, often by software solutions and/or general purpose cameras that are incapable of capturing the required bands.

Image Results

Each of the bands that are captured are used to:

  • RGB (Red/Green/Blue) for visual inspection (crops/equipment), elevation modeling, plant counting, tillage, drainage, topography, volumetrics, GIS, imagery (crop damage), and crop scouting.
  • NIR (near-infrared) is useful in providing normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), soil-adjusted vegetative index (SAVI), soil property and moisture analysis, crop health/stress analysis, water management, and erosion analysis.
  • RE (red-edge) assists in crop health analysis, plant counting, and water management.
  • Thermal for plant physiology analysis, irrigation scheduling, maturity evaluation, yield forecasting, and wildlife survey/location.

3D Rendering

Using online tools, Spectre UAV can take the imagery collected, and process it into a useable 3D format. This allows the end-user to see, from various angles, and lighting positions, what the target area looks like, while utilizing their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.